Tue, July 20, 2004
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Current Newsstand Edition: July 19 - August 01, 2004

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Photo By: Jana Summers

Mullet: Energetic skate-punk with radio-friendly material and fun onstage charm.

El Rey
Hollywood   2004

Contact:  909-260-7957

Web: http://www.mulletrawks.com

The Players:
Michael Lozano, guitar, vocals; Frankie Lozano, bass, vocals; Adam Lozano, drums; Victor Campos, guitar, vocals.

Material: Mullet is from the Inland Empire, not too far from Orange County, the hub of the punk/ska revival. These rockers play youthful and energetic skater-punk, reminiscent of mid-Nineties bands such as Less Than Jake, the Vandals, Homegrown and Face to Face. Their newest album, Straight on till Morning, would be the perfect soundtrack for any skate or snowboard video. In fact, it would not be surprising to hear this act featured in the next American Pie movie.

Musicianship: These guys are different from other pop and emo bands that merely play simple power chords. Michael Lozano weaves skillful guitar leads with Victor Camposí heavy rhythms and brother Frankie Lozanoís driving bass lines. Upon listening, without even knowing their names, itís obvious that Mullet is a band made mostly of brothers. Their familiarity helps them present a tight live show that almost sounds recorded. Drummer Adam Lozano sets up the rhythm and vibe with a dynamic performance.

Performance: The high energy of Mulletís show was enhanced by the bandís stage theatrics. Despite a broken ankle, Michael Lozano rocked out onstage more audaciously than most frontmen can. His performance was just shy of circus contortionism. While seated in a wheeled office chair with his ankle propped up, he shredded on a guitar he held behind his head. Mullet projected its abundant enthusiasm with infectious excitement.


ĖĖJana Summers

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